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campaign box

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Sep. 9th, 2007 | 07:23 pm

please bear in mind none of this is sanded or anything.

here's what it will look like closed. i havent made the lil strip that sits in the front and locks it down.

and when open, here is the writing surface:

the bottom part, which becomes sort of the top when it's open, when you pull off the writing surface (which will be hinged, and covered with either leather or felt; also i am making a false bottom for it so you wont see right into the drawer and first secret area):

the drawer pulled out (remember the hinges arent on yet so i moved the lid half to the side):

the panel pulled out reveals two more secret areas, eventually that will have tiny drawers:

the false bottom on the left side reveals the cash stash i routed out:

and, of course, the bottom (or lid half when closed), which will have little secret sreas of its own eventually:

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